Tomhas na Teanga

Tomhas na Teanga is a series of articles appearing in the National Hibernian Digest, which is published every other month. It contains lessons, information about Irish, and material written in the Irish language. Séamas Ó Neachtain, a.k.a. Jim Norton, is the author, and also teaches at Scoil Ghaeilge Ghearóid Tóibín.

Mar - Apr 2010An Gael, Gaeilge and the AOH
Jan - Feb 2010Bímis níos cúramaí! - Let's be more careful!
Nov - Dec 2009Gearmáinis vs. Gaeilge - German vs. Irish
Sept - Oct 2009Naomh Iosaef - Saint Joseph
July - August 2009Seoladh An Gael, Turas go Iorsaí Nua - Launching of An Gael, trip to New Jersey
May - June 2009Flannery O'Connor, An Gael, etc.
March - April 2009Naoimh agus an Ghramadach - Saints and Grammar
January - February 2009An Athbhliain, Foilseacháin as Gaeilge - The new year, publications in Irish
November - December 2008Cogadh Dearg - My novel in Irish
September - October 2008Na Cluichí Oilimpeacha - The Olympic Games
July - August 2008Fís Ghaeilge Mheiriceá Thuaidh - Irish language conference in NYC
May - June 2008Cuairt Éamonn Uí Cuív agus seoladh leabhar Súil Siar. Éamonn Ó Cuív's visit and the book launching of Súil Siar.
March - April 2008Laethanta Gaeilge agus eachtraí eile - Irish language days and other events.
Jan - Feb 2008Cé hé an t-uachtarán is fearr leat? Who's your favorite president?
Nov - Dec 2007An Chéad Chogadh Domhanda. The First World War. Leabhair. Books.
Sept - Oct 2007Laethanta saoire in Pennsylvania. Vacation in PA. Leabhair eile a mholaim. Other books I recommend.
July - August 2007Leabhair a mholaim. Books I recommend.
May - June 2007Fostíocht, dífhostíocht agus athruithe i saol duine. Employment, Unemployment and changes in a person's life.
March - April 2007Glór na nGael. Saint Patrick. The Philo-Celtic Society.
January - February 2007Reminiscences. Reading material in Irish.
November - December 2006Comemmorations and Anniversaries (interlinear).
September - October 2006Spelling reform and standardization of the language (interlinear).
July - August 2006In memory of our edittor, Frank Feighery (Proinsias Ó Fiachra). Staying with the interlinear format. Time and weather. Introduction to spelling changes.
May - June 2006Unfortunately, this one was not printed (only happened twice in 4 years!). Interlinear. Dialect pronunciations. Celebration of 1916 Easter Rising.
March - April 2006New stuff from Lá. More on lenition. The most common mistakes - habitual tense and genitive case. Poem about Commadore Barry.
January - February 2006Blogging and podcasting. Culture. Noun gender. New Mersenne prime number and the Irish language!
November - December 2005Eclipsis and Lenition. Podcasting in Irish.
September - October 2005 Irish language CDs, etc. The copula and tá. My vacation in the Southwest.
July - August 2005 Irish speakers vs. English speakers. God phrases. Poetry of Réamonn Ó Cléirigh.
May - June 2005 Language revivals. Cleas Amhrán.
March - April 2005 Irish language in America. Philo-Celtic.
January - February 2005 Prayers. Duffy’s Cut.
November - December 2004 The weather. Scéal Nollag.
September - October 2004 Imperatives. Laethanta saoire (Nua-Eabhrac, Florida).
July - August 2004 History. The copula. U.S. Grant. I gCuimhne ar U. S. Grant.
May - June 2004 State of the language. An File ar Buile. D-Day.
March - April 2004 Cill Aodáin
January - February 2004 Lots of pronunciation. Bás m'athar.
November - December 2003 Broad/slender, H. Lincoln agus a aitheasc Gettysburg. Ar saoire in Virginia.
September - October 2003 Seasons, the, gender. Ar saoire in Massachusetts
July - August 2003 Pronunciation, place names. Jeanie Johnston.
May - June 2003 Anti-Americanism
March - April 2003 St. Patrick. Reading material.
January - February 2003 New beginnings. Resources. Don Athbhliain.
November - December 2002 Christmas, seasons, love. Níos mó faoi mo phrátaí.
September - October 2002 articleGetting started. Chuir mé prátaí.
July - August 2002Leithscéalta (excuses). Scéilín na mBrealairí.
The May - June 2002 article First column. My introduction (with sound).