These are pictures people have sent me. I don't know what they all are. Some are encampment ribbons, some are souvenirs, some are membership badges (in much better shape than mine are!), and even some are pictures and clippings. I am no expert on anything, but I seem to be a significant source of info on the web about the GAR and their buttons, ribbons and badges. I never really planned to share these, but there is a lot of interest, and not much else around. Apologies to all for not citing sources - I just save the pictures...

Send me your pics if you want them to be added here! I'll try and credit you next time...

from South Dakota Robert D Brower who served in the 22 regiment of the New Jersey Volunteers, company H.

Here are some in a pdf

These are in the museum at Gettysburg:

This one is from Joseph Baird of Natrona Heights, PA:
Joseph Baird

This one is from the collection of Timothy G. Alden, descendent of Captain James Alden, who served under Admiral Faragut. This did not belong to his ancestor, however. And it is not really a GAR ribbon - it is from a smaller organization: "The Union Veteran legion" was founded in Pittsburgh,ca.1884. It was only for Union soldiers that were wounded and served no less than 2years.

Also from Tim:

This was on display at the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum. Wearing the membership badge.