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Tí Trá Lí Media produces American recordings which feature the Irish language (Gaelic).

Our Catalog

Deich nDán Luatha / Ten Early Poems le Réamonn Ó Cléirigh / by Raymond J. Clarke

In 2004 Raymond revisited the poems of his youth, poems written in English in the 1950s, and imparted them with new life, and a new language. These poems are read by the poet in their original English and in the new Irish language versions. Each one is a gem.

An File ar Buile le Séamas Ó Neachtain

This double CD - now available as free files - contains all of the Irish language poems from the book of the same title (except for the songs on Cleas Amhrán).

Cleas Amhrán le Séamas Ó Neachtain

This album - now available as free files - is the first of its kind - it features primarily parodies of traditional Irish Gaelic songs. The fun just begins with the funny lyrics though. It's a classical heavy metal traditional sean-nós doo-wop electronic laugh fest. Really.

Raise Your Glass by Brian De Vale and Friends (re-master)

This CD, first issued in 2003, has been remixed and remastered, and sounds fresher than ever! Brian's original songs celebrate the Ireland he loves, and memorialize the heros of September 11th, 2001. There are 6 tracks in Irish. 2 feature Lugh D. De Paor, and one is a poem read by Séamas Ó Neachtain.

Classical Music by Jim Norton

This music is available on the internet, at present, and may eventually wind up on CDs too.

Anima Christi - for SATB choir with keyboard, 2002

Sonata for Two Guitars in Four Movements, 1996

Brass Quintet, 1990

Six Songs of God and Man, 1985


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