Sonata for Two Guitars, in Four Movements

By James Norton

This music I believe was originally composed in 1996. It was the first composition I had written in a number of years. I kind of wanted to prove to myself that I could still do it. I think it is actually one of my best works.

I used an Atari Mega 2 computer, which I bought in 1989, and C-Lab's Notator software, from that same year, to create the score and sequence the music. I combined this with my Yamaha QX-5 sequencer (1987) and Korg DSS-1 (1987) to create this performance. It was recorded using Pro Tools, using the M-Box (Digidesign, 2005) on my Gateway PC (2001, upgraded 2005). So the technology involved spans quite a few years, too.

The music is 12 tone, but in a somewhat expansive style. Everything is based on the same row. If you care about such things. Total time is about 18 minutes. If you are a guitarist, and know another guitarist, and you are both classically trained, or at least at the top of your game, maybe you might consider playing my music.

The mp3 files can be heard here, and can be used for free for podcasting.

The score is in Microsoft Word. I have found that straight scans in image format will not always be the same size, and thus will not print properly.
First Movement
Second Movement
Third Movement
Fourth Movement

This sure took a long time to edit, so I hope someone gets to enjoy it!

May be played for free, but not for profit, and properly attributed. Score may be printed for personal use. All other rights reserved.
1996 (music), 2006 (performance) James Norton.

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