This is a very nice old school book by the Christian Brothers. I don't remember where I got it, but I learned a lot from it. I got it as a photocopy of a very used and abused book, and then I added my own notes, which are not always very good, as I was still kind of a beginner at the time. But I highly recommend spending the time to go through this whole book if you can - you'll build a lot of vocabulary and learn a lot. It is obviously a bit Catholic and a bit Munster Irish. Maybe a bit dated, too. But well worth studying, in my opinion. I've tried to make it as readable as possible here. It's meant for kids, but fine for anyone really. And it has a lot of the big songs in it, too! The book is old and long out of print, so we can share it here.

Séamas Ó Neachtain